Project team
Ermeline de la Croix
Research Assistant

Ermeline de la Croix collaborated closely with Dr. Felicity Bodenstein on the research and writing of the Digital Benin-authored provenance data brought onto the platform. She identified over one thousand unique provenance names in the data transferred by the institutions and co-authored over fifty biographies. She linked all provenance data to the controlled vocabularies that she established for provenance names and roles on the platform. This research led to the development of the ‘Provenance’ space on the platform, which allows users to access the provenance names and linked objects. The provenance data was linked to external websites such as Wikidata, Getty vocabulary and others.


Ermeline de la Croix studied Law, Art History and Archaeology at Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne University. After obtaining her two bachelor's degrees, she pursued a first year Heritage and Museums master's degree in the same university and specialized in the art of the Kingdom of Benin. Her master's thesis focused on the Iyoba Idia ivory mask kept at the British Museum. Currently in her second year of master's degree, she is preparing for the entrance exam for heritage curators at the French National Heritage Institute. For Digital Benin she is working on the provenance data in collaboration with Dr. Felicity Bodenstein.